Can you cancel an flight ? Yes — and in fact, you have a variety of options to get the job done. While making travel plans these days can be unpredictable and many times out of your control, the airline has simplified policies to add passengers.

Here’s what you need to know about canceling an American Airlines flight plus tips to help you nix your flight if you booked with cash or miles. cancellation policy

It can be difficult to comb through terms and conditions to understand airline policies. Here’s a summary of the main points of the American Airlines flight cancellation policy:

Currently, you’re allowed to make changes to your trip once only.

Keep in mind that this policy only applies to purchases made directly with American Airlines. If you bought your ticket from a travel agent or website, you must contact the agency directly. cancellation fees doesn’t charge fees to cancel. The airline has eliminated cancellation fees on nonrefundable domestic, short-haul international and select long-haul international flight tickets for premium cabin, premium economy and main cabin fares.

This does include basic economy fares booked after April 2, 2021, which are nonrefundable and non-changeable (meaning — you won’t even get a flight credit for canceling a basic economy booking).

Canceled nonrefundable fares are remitted in the value of the original purchase as flight credits. Although cancellation fees are waived, you may still owe any difference in ticket price if you rebook on a more expensive flight.

If your new flight is less expensive than the value of your original ticket, American will then issue you a trip credit for the difference.

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